A Simple Start

The Trinity Vineyard story is a simple one. It began with two people, Mike and Amber Lehmann, who felt compelled by God to start a new church in Cypress, TX. With the blessing and support of their home church, Mike and Amber and a group of 22 like-minded, adventurous people set off to launch this church and began meeting on a weekly basis to pray, worship and seek God’s wisdom and leadership in this endeavor.
In September of 2004, Trinity Vineyard gathered on a Sunday evening for the very first public service. About 40 people came to that first service in a rented dance studio in the Fairfield subdivision and Trinity Vineyard Church was born.

A Growing Church

Less than a year later, as the church continued to grow, Trinity moved to a new location – a warehouse just off of Cypress-North Houston Road. It was nothing fancy, but with a truckload of wood, some drywall, carpet and paint, (and a lot of volunteer hours) the room was transformed from a warehouse to a meeting space and housed Trinity Vineyard for over 7 years.

During that time, the church continued to grow and added additional space in the same warehouse building. However, in early 2012, it became clear that the time had come for something else.

Seeking God’s direction in coming up with a new location was a lesson in stepping outside of our comfort zone and after much prayer, many meetings and a lot of “what if” conversations, Lead Pastor Mike Lehmann announced on April 15th, 2012 that Trinity would be making the move to Arnold Middle School and becoming a “portable church.”

A Portable Church

Meeting in a school, rather than a permanent facility, meant a lot of things had to change at Trinity. It would require an unprecedented response from those who were a part of the Trinity community. And the people of Trinity responded!

During the portable season, Sunday services at Trinity Vineyard were made possible by dozens of people who showed up each week to create a gathering place on the blank canvas of a school cafeteria and to transform bland hallways into colorful kids classes. And each week, after the service, we packed it all back into trailers and carted it off.

Being a portable church was a lot of work. However, it was also a lot of fun! Being portable, allowed more of our resources to be poured into loving our community and our world. Those efforts include our neighbor-loving, party throwing Trinity Party Squad and our new Party Bug trailer, complete with bounce house, tables chairs and coolers, offered for free to anyone in the Cypress area who wants to throw a party.

A Church on the Move

We are passionate about always being a church on the move – moving forward with God’s vision to show his love to the people of the Greater Houston area and beyond! Moving forward is exactly what God has asked us to do. God has given Trinity Vineyard a new home at the corner of Busy and Busier! This new home is allowing us to reach more people for God and to show the love of Jesus.