Why does Trinity Vineyard exist? It’s a question worth asking and, to be honest, there are a few different answers.

A Church of Calling

Our primary reason to exist is that we believe that God desires for us to exist. That may sound odd or even flippant, but the fact is that when God speaks, you should listen and, when God spoke to Mike & Amber Lehmann back in 2003, they, along with about 20 others, listened.

Today, as a church of calling, we continue to listen and discover God’s unique purpose for Trinity Vineyard. We don’t claim to be better than other churches. That’s not our goal. We do, however, believe that this particular expression of church is unique and important and that there is a significant portion of the population for whom this church will be a breath of fresh air – perhaps causing some to open their hearts and minds to God, Jesus and the Church for the first time in years…or the first time ever.

A Church with Purpose

At Trinity Vineyard, we articulate our purpose in this way:

Our mission is to be consistently Engaging, Transforming & Serving those Here, Near & Far.

A Church for the Here

It may sound obvious, but part of our purpose as a church is to care for those who walk through our doors and who are a part of our church family – the Here. Whether someone has been a part of Trinity for years or whether this is their first visit, we have a responsibility to care for each other and a biblical mandate to extend the love of Jesus in a way that brings unity and peace. As such, Trinity is a place where grace is prevalent, where a variety of opinions are expressed and where people aren’t “in” or “out” based on political philosophy, theological questions or personal history. In fact, we welcome everyone and believe that each person has the ability to hear from God and to live their life accordingly.

A Church for the Near

As important as it is to take care of those within our church family, we believe that churches exist primarily to serve others. At Trinity, we take seriously Jesus’ command to love our neighbors – the Near. Within the Greater Houston area, we desire to accurately represent Jesus to those around us – perhaps painting a different picture of Jesus and the Church than people may have seen in the past. It is our belief that when people experience the true Jesus, full of love, grace and compassion, that they will begin to see that Jesus really is good news for them.

A Church for the Far

But our mission reaches far beyond our walls and far beyond our city. We want to change the world. A grandiose vision, to be sure, but we understand that the world is changed one person at a time. It is our desire to share the love of Jesus with people around the world and to provide assistance and encouragement for those who are already doing incredible work for God all over the globe.

How Do We Do It?

Interested to know how we go about such an enormous task? Check out our “What We Do” section.