Our mission is to be consistently Engaging, Transforming & Serving those Here, Near & Far.

As you can see, we are a church of purpose, but the purpose is fairly all-encompassing. We believe that this is God’s desire for every church, small and large, including ours. Functionally, we categorize our efforts into three categories.


Engaging the Here, Near and Far primarily involves making ourselves available to people. We believe that personal relationships are God’s primary vehicle for personal growth. And so, by devoting ourselves to these relationships, we are partnering with God in his work. A weekend visit to Trinity will reveal that our commitment to engaging the Here is present in every aspect of our Sunday service. We seek to ensure that each person who walks through our doors feels welcomed, informed and cared for. We work hard to create an environment that fosters conversation, that removes barriers and that allows each person an opportunity to engage with others as they feel comfortable doing so.

Likewise, our engagement of the Near – those in the greater Houston area – is intentional but not forceful. We don’t believe in “preaching at” people. Instead, we believe that if we live as examples of Jesus’ love in our city, people will notice and be interested in our motivation. Our Trinity Party Squad events and our free Party Bug trailer are just two of the ways in which we seek to engage our community.

Engaging the Far can be a little trickier! How do you engage in a relationship with someone half a world away? Fortunately, we live in a technological world which allows us to speak face to face with people who live thousands of miles away. Through long-distance relationships with pastors, relief workers and leaders, our church is able to identify and engage with groups of people who need to hear about the love of Jesus. We are also able to provide for some of the pressing physical needs of the poor and oppressed around the world.


Our efforts to transform are actually efforts at creating and fostering transformational opportunities and atmospheres. Only God, through his Holy Spirit, can truly transform people and, even so, he will only do so when someone seeks such transformation. God does not force himself upon people. And so, our transforming efforts take the form of opportunities like personal development classes, peer-led bible studies and times of prayer geared toward helping people not only educate themselves, but also to hear from God, the one who wired us at birth and the only one who can truly bring transformation.

All of our groups, classes and prayer times are open to not only our church family (Here) but also to the surrounding community (Near). Some of our efforts are specifically geared toward those who don’t attend our church, but who, nonetheless, see the need for transformation in their lives.

When it comes to transforming the Far, once again, distance becomes an issue. In this instance, we must rely on ministry partners who are already working to create transformational opportunities for people around the world.


In the end, it all comes down to serving. Without a group of people who desire to serve others, none of the things described above could happen. At Trinity, we have some incredibly talented people who give sacrificially of their time, energy and resources in order to ensure that our engaging and transforming efforts are successful.

Whether serving food at a Trinity Party Squad event, going on a short-term missions trip or serving in one of the many other facets of our church, these volunteers are the engine that keeps Trinity Vineyard Church humming. Jesus said that if someone wants to become great, they must become a servant.